There are little sparkles of light that shine amongst the darkness. Kind words, hugs. And those moments my children fill my chest with love and pride.

I’d not been having a great week. The weekend dawned bright but I felt a little heavy. Popping downstairs I found my 9 year old mid way through her homework while her 5 year old brother read her Mr Men books. Totally unprompted.

We’ve had so many arguments and tears about homework over the years, this was special. And to know she was able to find it in herself to listen and help her brother read at the same time. Simply wonderful.

And my bouncy little boy, so keen to try reading. Trying to be like his big sister. The love they have for each other is glorious.

I hate how hard it is to see the light sometimes. The long dark tunnel feels endless. I feel such guilt for so much. But at least I can still see those tiny sparkles of light. My children. My stars.