I’m a mum of two children aged 2 and 6 who is learning that it’s never too late to give things a go! Having visited many blogs, I feel this ridiculous obligation to write something incredibly profound, or insightful, or witty about myself. However, the truth is that I used to write many moons ago when I was young enough to have the time but not old enough to have self belief. Consequently I stopped writing and spent many years afterwards trying to find a ‘proper job’ and being miserable.

Since having children I’ve had my epiphany and realise that I now have enough age on my side to bring along a little wisdom and a lot more self belief. So now I’m writing in many forms and enjoying myself.

I write for http://www.whichfestival.com which is a great site for discovering festivals and events around the world and http://www.thecircumference.com which is all about interesting travel experiences and am enjoying carving out a nice niche in travel writing generally and reviewing, but I’ll happily turn my hand to most things.

Most recently I’ve completed work for http://www.custard.co.uk/ and I’m very proud to say that I’ve also featured on http://www.mumsnet.com/bloggers-network as their ‘Blog of the Day’.
I’m also a social media volunteer with Macmillan Cancer Support in Worcestershire by co-managing their Facebook page and Twitter feed @Mac3Counties. Feel free to check them out.

I’m hopefully in the process of publishing some children’s stories too which is very exciting.

In a previous life I worked with the Birmingham Repertory Theatre as a literary consultant and volunteered at Shakespeare’s Globe in London whilst it was still a construction site! I’m a bit of a Shakespeare fan and have an MA from the University of Warwick, so if you ever find yourself in need of some advice on all things English Literature, do let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you if you like my stuff and maybe I’ll tell you why I chose ‘Redpeffer’ as my online name.

I’m always open to taking a peek at new children’s books and educational apps and reviewing them. If you would like to contact me about this or anything else, please contact me via email: burchelli at rocketmail dot com.

A media pack is available upon request.
A brief general disclosure note-the books and Apps I review on this site are independent. I’m under no obligation to review them and I don’t receive any money for doing so. I choose them because I like them and think they’re worth sharing.
Any exceptions to this general rule will be highlighted accordingly.